One bucketful of stories has dominated the news this week. And that's the gaming joy rained down upon us by Apple’s September 2016 keynote.

The iPhone 7 was unveiled as expected, sans headphone jack, but the mobile giant also welcomed Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto to the podium to reveal a fresh take on Super Mario. We knew that Nintendo characters were making their way to mobile, but this elevated it to a whole new level. An announcement doesn't come much bigger than that in our world.

But is this auto-runner signal a major positive shift for mobile gamers? Or will it be "the death of Nintendo"? We've spent all week stroking our chins and hiking the news trail, and here are all the stories we've run in one handy list:


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Nintendo announces Super Mario Run coming to iOS and Android
(and remember you can see it now in the App Store and click on the new Notify button to be alerted when it's out)

See the first Super Mario Run gameplay video Why Mario on mobile is the best thing ever! Nintendo shares rise after Miyamoto announces Super Mario Run, their first tie-in with Apple Nintendo pushes two mobile titles back in favour of Super Mario Run Opinion: 7 Nintendo games that NEED to be on mobile


Tim Cook announced the sport-friendly Apple Watch 2 And yep, the location-based AR catch-'em-up Pokemon GO will be on Apple Watch


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iOS 10

What's coming in Apple's new mobile operating system?

And over on our industry-insider sister site,, you'll also find these stories:

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How do you - yes you - feel about all the Apple and Nintendo news from this week? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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