Clash Royale lovers, players, and enthusiasts, if you haven't heard the exciting news already then allow me to serenade your eyes with news of Clash Royale's ESWC tournament, held at Paris Games Week between 28th and 30th October 2016.

This is a huge success for the mobile world as it's the first time a touchscreen game will be part of the competition. Starting September 10th in a selection process that will take two months, 128 champions have yet to be chosen to take place in this epic tournament.

With three ways to participate: direct qualification in the game; via affiliated tournaments; by submitting a participation request; there will be over 10,000 players across five continents, but only one can win. If you're interested in giving it a shot, check out the information below and best of luck.

For in-game selections:

Starting Saturday 10th September to October 15th, six free tournaments will take place involving 1,000 players to select 16 super players throughout the world. Each winner will win their travel and lodging in Paris to compete in the final.

Saturday, September 10th – Middle East/Africa
Saturday, September 17th – Asia/Oceania
Saturday, September 24th – America
Saturday, October 1st – Eastern Europe/Russia
Saturday, October 8th – Western Europe
Saturday, October 15th – Northern Europe

For selections via affiliated tournaments:

Between September and October, several local tournaments will take place to select a maximum of 32 champions to participate in the ESWC's final. They'll either be online or offline and will be organised by local partners of the ESWC.

ESWC India with Nodwin
ESWC Iran with Cube
ESWC Luxembourg with 11F
ESWC Spain with SocialNAT
ESWC France with Millenium For direct requests for the final:

Where 48 places are reserved for the champions of the qualifying tournaments (above), 80 places are open for registration. The players selected by this method will be announced in early October.

Read more on the tournament here.

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