Struggling with Six? Here are six tips to keep your hexagon all straight and lovely.

Keep your hexagon in the middle. Don't risk letting it fall off the sides by keeping it towards the middle of the stack and using blocks on the left and right as a handy buffer.

Make sure your hexagon has a safe landing. If your hexagon is going to fall onto the corner of a block or a wobbly platform it's probably going to fall. Make sure you've made a safe landing spot before letting the hexagon fall.

Take your time. There's no time limit, no penalty for taking ages, and no benefit to rushing. So consider each move carefully before committing.

That being said... you can clear out a good few blocks while the hexagon is in mid-air if you're quick enough. But it's risky. Try it at the start of a match to get a head start (it doesn't matter if you mess up) but don't risk it while you're on a roll.

Balance your taps. You can't remove two blocks at once, but if you're quick you can erase one and then instantly erase another. This will stop your top block slanting too much, letting it fall gracefully (sort of) to the next level down.

While the normal mode is randomly generated, the challenges aren't. This means you can learn the level layouts, practice, and keep getting better until you are able to ace each and every level.