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Gorogoa is a hand-drawn adventure game four years in the making, and it's confirmed to release on iOS and Android.

Gorogoa likely brings to mind the puzzler Framed, but while Framed revolved around organizing frames in order, Gorogoa explores the mechanic of layering and combining frames. The puzzler divides the screen into four frames, each one both a distinct piece of art and part of an interconnected puzzle.

Gorogoa challenges you to blend elements from different frames to transport items and individuals between worlds and spaces. A picture on a wall in a house becomes a castle window in another frame. A doorway in one world can let a character enter another scene.

In some ways, one could say that Gorogoa plays with perspective in 2D space the way Monument Valley did in 3D. Much how perspective turned separated architecture into connected bridges and walkways in the latter, Gorgora lets you manipulate and combine disconnected paintings to create new scenes.

Gorogoa will come to Steam first, then mobile. The developer says he'll have more to share about a release window soon.

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