SteamWorld Heist is, despite being part of the same universe, a very different game to SteamWorld Dig.

Where Dig sent you vertically downwards into the Earth in search of gold, Heist sends you into banks to look for… gold.

Heist is sort of like a 2D XCOM: you command your squad of characters around whatever spaceship you're currently plundering, aiming at and taking out enemies where necessary.

It even possesses an XCOM-esque two action point system for moving, with one character called Sally having a special ability to grab an extra, last-gasp shot of her revolver.

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This is just one of many special abilities characters might surprise you with. Another is Piper, who owns a iron sight-carrying pistol, allowing her to see exactly the path a bullet will take. You can thereby bounce your attacks off walls for cool trick shots like one badass robot pirate.

It felt like a good fit for mobile, and I can't wait to play more. SteamWorld Heist is already out on PS Vita and 3DS, and will be coming to iOS in the coming weeks.

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