The latest Big Indie Pitch from Pocket Gamer was held recently in Cologne, Germany to celebrate gamescom 2016!

Big Indie Pitch is where we at Pocket Gamer invite indie devs to come and tell us about their games. We give you feedback, free drinks, and you might even win prizes too!

If you'd like to be involved at the next BIP, in Helsinki in September, you can register your game here.

At the most recent BIP, ATGames's funky little space experience Full of Stars came away with the gold medal, pipping Corecraft and STAY to the post.

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Full of Stars sees you guide a group of explorers through the depths of outer space. It's half an interactive story, half arcade avoid em up, and these two ingredients come together to make one tasty space pie. Mmmm, pie…..

If you navigate well during the action sections, your crew will be calmer and will make better decisions in the story. Oh, and its soundtrack was penned by The Witcher 3's Marcin Przybytowicz. Everyone's a winner!

Full of Stars is coming out on iOS and Android early next year. Our news editor, Emily Sowden, wrote about it in depth here, if it sounds like your thing.

If you'd like to get involved with the Big Indie Pitch at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki in September, you can register your game here.