The latest Big Indie Pitch from Pocket Gamer was held recently in Cologne, Germany to celebrate gamescom 2016!

Big Indie Pitch is where we at Pocket Gamer invite indie devs to come and tell us about their games. We give you feedback, free drinks, and you might even win prizes too!

If you'd like to be involved at the next BIP, in Helsinki in September, you can register your game here.

At the most recent BIP, old school shoot-em-up Corecraft finished in second place, while 8-bit narrative adventure STAY finished in third.

The winner was a neat little space trip called Full of Stars. But you already knew that.

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Corecraft is developed by Retro Principles, a two man team who somehow first met at 30,000 feet and haven't looked back since.

In Corecraft, you can build your own ship, upgrade your weapons, and prepare your eyes for a colour onslaught before heading to fight it out against behemoths just a little bigger than you!

You can shoot all their green blocks to kill them, or punch a hole in their purple heart if you want to go for a critical.

It's a great blast from the past, and a worthy winner of, erm… second place.

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While STAY might have a similar art style to Corecraft - they both plump for an 8-bit look - it's actually incredibly different.

STAY is a narrative driven point and click adventure (kinda), in which your character dies. A lot.

You're locked in a room with only a computer for company, and it's as lonely as it sounds. But that doesn't stop it being amazing.

If you'd like to get involved with the Big Indie Pitch at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki in September, you can register your game here.