Isometric platformers are a bit of an acquired taste. You often can't judge jumps correctly and it's sometimes hard to tell exactly where you are on screen amongst all the action.

So Panic Drop - an isometric endless runner that sees you, as a cube, hurtling down various platforms - might not seem such a good idea. And you'd be right.

Living in a box

Tasked with making your way down the screen along isometric walkways, your only way to control the titular cube is by tapping the screen to jump.

Unlike many endless runners the distance you travel has no bearing on your high score either. Instead, it's completely dependent on gathering the coins and lightning bolts randomly scattered about.

The unusual perspective used means a mistimed leap can see you land on a completely different platform to the one you intended to plonk onto - and thanks to one hit death, a minor mistake can often prove fatal.

Although there are power ups to combat this - such as shields giving you temporary invincibility, and clocks to slow down time - Panic Drop is still a largely unforgiving experience.

Cubic malfunction

The speed the game moves often results in you landing right on a spike you had no chance of avoiding. And you can even occasionally end up stuck on a platform with no way to escape.

These flaws result in an experience that's far too random for you to have any hope of mastering it, so it never really manages to get its hooks into you.

There is the seed of a good idea here, but Panic Drop sadly feels too uncontrollable and random to become a truly satisfying high score chasing experience.