Pokemon GO may be well and good for those who're just trying to catch 'em all, but what if you're trying to be the very best?

Gym battles are notoriously poor in Pokemon GO, with little strategy beyond tapping to attack and swiping to dodge (though even this is hit and miss).

However, you can give yourself a little boost by using your special move. Read on!

Remember your special move! Pokemon GO

To use your special move, touch and hold the screen, rather than just tapping (which activates your normal move).

Using your special move uses up the blue bar at the top of the screen, so keep an eye on it!

It should also be noted that some normal moves are actually better than many special moves, so don't go wasting your special blue bar for nuthin'!

You can check out the best special moves and best normal moves here.

Get the right moveset Pokemon GO

Each Pokemon has a number of moves it can learn - though only one normal and one special at a time.

The moveset of any one Pokemon is randomised, within its possible moveset.

Some moves are obviously better than others, with all the best moves in Pokemon Go listed here.

Be careful to consider the DPS of every move, not just its power (a powerful move is useless if it takes 20 minutes to activate!).

Pokemon GO

If you catch a Pokemon with a poor moveset, don't fear - if you evolve them, their moveset will be randomised once again, so a Pidgeotto with a measly Quick Attack might learn a menacing Wing Attack as a Pidgeot!

However, if your Pokemon still has a poor moveset now, it might be best to give up on them and catch another, since there's no way of changing their moves at present. Sad, I know.

Some users have suggested to Niantic that it should be possible to 'reroll' movesets in exchange for Pokecoins, but right now it ain't happening. Sorry, bubs!

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