Is Pokemon GO too modern for you? It's all data and augmented reality and location services and conversing with human beings. It's weird.

Luckily, Android fans can go back in time and play the classics, right there on their phone or tablet.

This guide is for entertainment purposes only, of course, and we'd never encourage you to pirate video games. Don't be crazy!

If you do follow the guide, maybe download the games on Virtual Console so you can keep your conscience a little cleaner.

Old Boy

First things first, go on Google Play and download "My OldBoy! Free". This is a Game Boy emulator with lots of options and features, and should run the games perfectly well on your Android.

Next, you're going to need to download a ROM file for the Pokemon game of your choice. Now, this is murky legal territory so we're definitely not going to tell you where to go. But some creative Googling should get you there.

Either download it on your PC and transfer it over to your Android, or just download it directly onto the device.


Next, open My OldBoy! Free and you'll be presented with a "Load game" menu, which shows you all the folders on your device.

You need to find the ROM. If you downloaded the game on the Android itself, it's probably in the Downloads folder. When you find it, tap the game to load it up.


And, well, that's kind of it. Here's the game, enjoy. You can enter the menu to fiddle with the graphics (I recommend turning off "linear filtering" to restore the retro pixel art look) and sound.

You can also move and resize the screen, turn on fast forward to help you grind through monsters, and use save states so you can quickly reload your game just before you got pummelled by a gym leader.


I'd also recommend buying an OTG USB adapter, which is a little doohickey that lets you plug a full sized USB cable into a micro USB port on an Android. With this, you can play Pokemon using an Xbox 360 pad.

Here's a picture of me playing Minecraft with one, because I can't be arsed to take a new photo.

There are various wireless controller solutions too, and Bluetooth-powered pads made especially for Android.

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