While traditional Pokemon games are about levelling up the cute little critters, Pokemon GO is about levelling up your trainer.

By performing actions in the game you can gain experience points, which will help you reach higher levels. Doing this will give you rewards, and unlock new features.

At level five, for example, you’ll unlock gyms, potions, and revives. At level eight you’ll get access to Razz Berries. Level 10 introduces you to super potions, and level 12 will give you Great Balls.

Level 15 unlocks access to hyper potions, level 20 nets you your first Ultra Balls, and level 25 will give you Max Potions. Finally, Level 30 trainers can use Max Revives.

So how do you get experience? Here’s our quick and dirty guide to levelling up.

Catch a Pokemon

100xp for catching a Pokemon, and an extra 500xp if you register a new Pokémon in your Pokédex.

You’ll also get experience points for the quality of your Pokeball throw. You want to throw the ball directly at the Pokemon’s head, when the circle is at its smallest.

You’ll get 10xp for a nice throw, 50xp for a great toss, and 100xp for an excellent throw. You can also get a 10xp curveball bonus if you spin the Pokeball until it starts vibrating before throwing it.

Hatching Pokemon


We’ve got a big guide to eggs, if you want to know more about them.

If you’re going for experience, the eggs that make you walk the furthest distance will net you the most points.

A two kilometre egg will get you 200xp, a five kilometre egg will land you 500xp, and a 10 kilometre egg will give you a whopping 1,000xp. That’s the most experience you can get from one action.

Evolve a Pokemon


Levelling up a Pokemon won’t get you diddly squat, so ignore that. Instead, focus your attention on evolving Pokemon as you’ll get 500xp every time you evolve one of your critters.

To evolve a Pokemon, feed it candies collected by catching and transferring Pokemon of the same family.

Check a PokeStop


You’ll get a measly 50xp for visiting a Pokestop. And a bonus 100xp if you happen to receive six or more items.

If you live in a city and have access to loads of Pokestops, though, you can rack up experience points pretty quickly through this method.

Go to the gym


You’ll get just 10xp if you defeat a Pokémon in Training, but a nice 100xp if you defeat Pokémon at a gym. You’ll get another 50xp if you manage to defeat all Pokémon at a gym.

Use a lucky egg Slowbro

You can double the experience you gain for half an hour if you use a Lucky Egg. These can be purchased in a shop for 80 coins a pop.

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