How do you get eggs?


Eggs are one of the prizes you can get from PokeStops, which are the blue symbols seen on the map.

Walk up to a PokeStop until you’re close enough, and which point it will change into a Pokeball symbol. Now tap on it, and spin the disc with your finger until the prizes pop out.

You’ll often get some pokeballs, and maybe some incense. But hopefully you’ll get an egg.

How do you use eggs?

Tap on the Pokeball at the bottom of the screen, open your list of Pokemon, and then swipe to the page on the right to find your eggs.

Tap on one to start the incubation process. Now, you must walk a certain distance (the number of kilometres shown beneath the egg) to make the egg hatch.

You must have the app open as you do this. And, no, you can’t just cheat and ride a bus. Oh, and you can do it in multiple journeys or even across multiple days.

How far do I actually have to walk?


Two kilometres is just over a mile and it will take about half an hour to walk that far.

Five kilometres is about three miles and will take roughly 45 minutes. And 10km is roughly six miles and should take you about two hours.

What sort of Pokemon will I get?

Simply put, the eggs that force you to walk further distances contain much rarer Pokemon. Here’s a complete run-down:

2 kilometres

Pokemon GO #001 - Bulbasaur Type: Grass / Poison Evolves into: Ivysaur
Pokemon GO #004 - Charmander Type: Fire Evolves into: Charmeleon
Pokemon GO #007 - Squirtle Type: Water Evolves into: Wartortle
Pokemon GO #010 - Caterpie Type: Bug Evolves into: Metapod
Pokemon GO #013 - Weedle Type: Bug / Poison Evolves into: Kakuna
Pokemon GO #016 - Pidgey Type: Normal Evolves into: Pidgeotto
Pokemon GO #019 - Rattata Type: Normal Evolves into: Raticate
Pokemon GO #021 - Spearow Type: Normal / Flying Evolves into: Fearow
Pokemon GO #025 - Pikachu Type: Electric Evolves into: Raichu
Pokemon GO #035 - Clefairy Type: Fairy Evolves into: Clefable
Pokemon GO #039 - Jigglypuff Type: Normal / Fairy Evolves into: Wigglytuff
Pokemon GO #041 - Zubat Type: Poison / Flying Evolves into: Golbat
Pokemon GO #074 - Geodude Type: Rock / Ground Evolves into: Graveler
Pokemon GO #129 - Magikarp Type: Water Evolves into: Gyarados

5 kilometres

Pokemon GO #023 - Ekans Type: Poison Evolves into: Arbok
Pokemon GO #027 - Sandshrew Type: Ground Evolves into: Sandslash
Pokemon GO #029 - Nidoran F Type: Poison Evolves into: Nidorina
Pokemon GO #032 - Nidoran M Type: Poison Evolves into: Nidorino
Pokemon GO #037 - Vulpix Type: Fire Evolves into: Ninetales
Pokemon GO #043 - Oddish Type: Grass / Poison Evolves into: Gloom
Pokemon GO #046 - Paras Type: Bug / Grass Evolves into: Parasect
Pokemon GO #048 - Venonat Type: Bug / Poison Evolves into: Venomoth
Pokemon GO #050 - Diglett Type: Ground Evolves into: Dugtrio
Pokemon GO #052 - Meowth Type: Normal Evolves into: Persian
Pokemon GO #054 - Psyduck Type: Water Evolves into: Golduck
Pokemon GO #056 - Mankey Type: Fighting Evolves into: Primeape
Pokemon GO #058 - Growlithe Type: Fire Evolves into: Arcanine
Pokemon GO #060 - Poliwag Type: Water Evolves into: Poliwhirl
Pokemon GO #063 - Abra Type: Psychic Evolves into: Kadabra
Pokemon GO #066 - Machop Type: Fighting Evolves into: Machoke
Pokemon GO #069 - Bellsprout Type: Grass / Poison Evolves into: Weepinbell
Pokemon GO #072 - Tentacool Type: Water / Poison Evolves into: Tentacruel
Pokemon GO #077 - Ponyta Type: Fire Evolves into: Rapidash
Pokemon GO #079 - Slowpoke Type: Water / Psychic Evolves into: Slowbro
Pokemon GO #081 - Magnemite Type: Electric / Steel Evolves into: Magneton
Pokemon GO #083 - Farfetch'd Type: Normal / Flying
Pokemon GO #084 - Doduo Type: Normal / Flying Evolves into: Dodrio
Pokemon GO #086 - Seel Type: Water Evolves into: Dewgong
Pokemon GO #088 - Grimer Type: Poison Evolves into: Muk
Pokemon GO #090 - Shellder Type: Water Evolves into: Cloyster
Pokemon GO #092 - Gastly Type: Ghost / Poison Evolves into: Haunter
Pokemon GO #096 - Drowzee Type: Psychic Evolves into: Hypno
Pokemon GO #098 - Krabby Type: Water Evolves into: Kingler
Pokemon GO #100 - Voltorb Type: Electric Evolves into: Electrode
Pokemon GO #102 - Exeggcute Type: Grass / Psychic Evolves into: Exeggutor
Pokemon GO #104 - Cubone Type: Ground Evolves into: Marowak
Pokemon GO #108 - Lickitung Type: Normal
Pokemon GO #109 - Koffing Type: Poison Evolves into: Weezing
Pokemon GO #111 - Rhyhorn Type: Ground / Rock Evolves into: Rhydon
Pokemon GO #114 - Tangela Type: Grass
Pokemon GO #115 - Kangaskhan Type: Normal
Pokemon GO #116 - Horsea Type: Water Evolves into: Seadra
Pokemon GO #118 - Goldeen Type: Water Evolves into: Seaking
Pokemon GO #120 - Staryu Type: Water Evolves into: Starmie
Pokemon GO #128 - Tauros Type: Normal
Pokemon GO #137 - Porygon Type: Normal

10 kilometres

Pokemon GO #095 - Onix Type: Rock / Ground
Pokemon GO #106 - Hitmonlee Type: Fighting
Pokemon GO #107 - Hitmonchan Type: Fighting
Pokemon GO #113 - Chansey Type: Normal
Pokemon GO #122 - Mr. Mime Type: Psychic / Fairy
Pokemon GO #123 - Scyther Type: Bug / Flying
Pokemon GO #124 - Jynx Type: Ice / Psychic
Pokemon GO #125 - Electabuzz Type: Electric
Pokemon GO #126 - Magmar Type: Fire
Pokemon GO #127 - Pinsir Type: Bug
Pokemon GO #131 - Lapras Type: Water / Ice
Pokemon GO #133 - Eevee Type: Normal Evolves into: Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon
Pokemon GO #138 - Omanyte Type: Rock / Water Evolves into: Omastar
Pokemon GO #140 - Kabuto Type: Rock / Water Evolves into: Kabutops
Pokemon GO #142 - Aerodactyl Type: Rock / Flying
Pokemon GO #143 - Snorlax Type: Normal
Pokemon GO #147 - Dratini Type: Dragon Evolves into: Dragonair

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