You know that old nineties game series nobody's talking about anymore?

No not Sonic, I mean Pokemon.

Well Pokemon Sun and Moon have a new trailer, which looks pretty damn awesome.

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But can we just stop a moment and talk about Mimikyu.

This little fella is, as Serebii translate from Japanese mag CoroCoro, a ghost and fairy type Pokemon who just wants to be loved by everyone as much as they love Pikachu. Mimikyu's answer, therefore, is to disguise itself as Pikachu.

Is that not the most heartbreaking and cute thing you ever heard?

Okay, I'll stop now and leave you with my other favourite new Pokemon: Wimpod, a weird blob thing whose only ability is 'Wimp Out'. I am so on board with that.

Pokemon Sun
and Moon are set for release on November 23 in the UK and November 18 everywhere else.