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Dark Echo was a tense stealth horror game defined by its pitch-black levels made visible through minimalist sound waves. Rac7's follow-up Splitter Critters is perhaps that game's absolute antithesis, a bright colorful puzzler about manipulating levels to solve spatial challenges.

An expanded version of the developer's game jam entry, Splitter Critters proposes a simple task: help the roaming critters reach their waiting spaceship. However with dangerous hazards and obstacles between them and their vessel, that task just might be impossible.

Or it would be if you couldn't slice each level into sections and reshape the environment to your advantage. Through an easy drag and pull mechanic, distant areas can be connected, impassable barriers become tunnels, and static objects can be in multiple places at once.

Splitter Critters is expected to release on mobile and Steam later this year. The early prototype can be played in your browser here.

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