The most recent bundle, Humble Bundle 14, is offering an array of items for PC and Android. Get a great collection of games and help support charity at the same time – hard to argue with that, eh?

Pay what you want to get:

GOTY/Premium Edition
, a stylistic puzzler.

10000000 (Ten Million), a hybrid role-playing puzzler.

And SPACECOM, a real-time strategy game.

Pay $3/£2 or more to get the three games above and unlock:

Please Don’t Touch Anything
, an intense indie puzzler.

Spider, Rite of the Shrouded Moon, a unique puzzler where you (a spider) spin your web and explore an abandoned mansion.

And also You Must Build a Boat, another hybrid role-playing puzzler made by EightyEight Games – the same developer as 10000000.

Pay more than the average price + $3/£2 to get everything above plus:

Desktop Dungeons
, a single player RPG that offers a lot of bang for your buck.

And finally Knights of Pen & Paper 2, a turn-based strategy game.

Typical of Humble Bundle there are still some more games to come so keep an eye out and get the bundle here.

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