Look, we all know I love Nitrome. But it isn't a love based on those normal gross things like feelings and liking butts, it's based on the fact that I honestly think Nitrome is one of the best companies working in mobile right now.

And Redungeon further cements its place not as a developer with a sharp eye for what it is that makes pocket gaming tick, but as a publisher with a skill for picking up potential classics that fit brilliantly under its banner.

It might have the same pixel art graphics and simple gameplay that have made so many other Nitrome games hits, but this is another addition to the catalogue that throws away the rule book and does what it wants.

Going underground

To all intents and purposes the game is a dungeon crawler. You play an adventurer stumbling through endless subterranean caverns, swiping left, right, up, or down on the screen to move one square in that direction.

But there's a splash of a runner thrown in here too. Dawdle for too long over a tricky section and the hounds of hell with catch up with you. And trust me, you don't want that to happen.

You earn gold with each run, and you can spend this on upgrading and unlocking new characters. Each of the adventurers you can play as has its own set of skills, and working out which one suits your play-style best is part of the fun.

But don't go thinking that this is a traditional dungeon crawler. There are bounce pads, deadly drops, and plenty of other surprises alongside the usual spikes, monsters, and chests. Discovering a new idea or mechanic hidden in the underground levels is a real joy.

Coining a phrase

There's a rich, engaging game here, that plays around with its own shape to create something that sits in that almost unobtainable middle ground between casual, mid, and hardcore players. Basically what I'm saying is everyone should play this.

And I'm pretty sure that anyone who does is going to fall in love with it. Not just because it's Nitrome, but because it's a brilliantly put together, highly addictive arcade adventure that understands just how mobile games should work.

At first glance it might look like you've already seen everything Redungeon has to offer, but trust me, you really haven't.