I don't think Viridi is for me, not really. It sits into the same contemplative framework as Mountain, but rather than giving you a floating rock in space to look at, it gives you a series of plant pots.

You stick some bulbs in the plant pots, water them, watch them grow, and that's sort of it. There's loads of esoteric side-alleys to explore, but no real clues as to how you get to them.

It's a meditative experience, loaded with IAPs if you want to buy new plants, and quite frankly I got bored of it after about 4 minutes.

Heavy plant

You start by picking a pot and some plants to stick in it. Once you've chosen you're taken to a strange sort of non-space where your new tiny garden is floating.

You've got a couple of things you can do. Tap on a tiny shrub and you can either pull it out, or give it a spray with your cosmic watering can. You don't want to water things too much though, or they'll die.

Tapping a shrub lets you know if it needs water, if it's got enough, or if you've accidentally drowned it in liquid. There was also a snail wandering around the edge of my pot. I don't know what it was for, but I sprayed it and it got wet. Yay?

There's a shop where you can buy new seeds to stick in your pot, as well as purchase some weird IAPs that don't really seem to make any sense. One's called Fish Skellie to the Cat House.

Quite frankly the whole thing is baffling. It's the sort of game that defies reviewing really. I mean as far as I can tell it's about growing succulents, but since I started hours ago, none of my succulents have grown at all.

Plants down

But like I say, I don't think this is for me. I don't really know who it's for, but if you want to grow a pot of mini digital plants in a void and occasionally damped a snail you're going to have a great time with this.

It's one to explore on your own, to figure out its weirdness and eccentricities. So please don't let me put you off.

Pick up Viridi, have a go, see if you can understand what on earth is going on. Just don't expect that to happen.