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If there's one thing lacking from most arcade stunt racers, it's tactical military vehicles.

Luckily, MMX Hill Climb is here to trundle right over that particular problem with its caterpillar tracks and high-calibre cannon.

You see, while you might start this Trials-esque racer behind the wheel of a monster truck, playing the game will allow you to unlock a variety of cars and buggies - including a tank.

Once you've got your tank, you'll naturally want to show it to your friends so that they might fear and respect you. To that end, MMX Hill Climb lets you race your buddies' ghosts, meaning your tank could be leaving vehicles in the dust while you're taking a nap.

Check out our hands-on with MMX Hill Climb by watching the video above. And, if you want to download the game, you can grab it for free on iPhone and iPad, and also on Android, now.