Update on June 14 at 12:00: During Microsoft's presser yesterday, it was revealed that Gwent is only coming to Xbox One, PC and Playstation 4 for now.
Still, for a card game this is weird and it wouldn't be unreasonable to think that, after a certain period of time, CD Projekt would bring it over to mobile. Still, for now, this is only playable on PC and consoles but you can feast your eyes on the trailer below and hope for a mobile release:

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It seems like everyone who played the massively acclaimed The Witcher 3 loved its included card game called Gwent. The developer even expanded the game with free DLCs and released a physical card game.

It's quite a simple TCG, much like KOTOR's Pazaak, in which you need to beat your opponent by placing ranged and melee unit cards. These cards' strength are added to your total and represent your strength. You can also, of course, boost your units and use different cards to disrupt and take down your enemies' forces.

It seems like CD Projekt isn't done with Gwent as it just trademarked Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, as spotted by NerdLeaks,with the following logo:

It would seem silly for a card game like this one not to have a mobile version but it might only appear on consoles and PC. We'll learn more about it next week as CD Projekt should make a couple of announcements at E3.

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