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After Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO, the celebrated series by Square Enix Montreal is converting the Deus Ex universe on mobile. It's a sneaky, stealthy puzzle game that uses the same "Gold" art style found in the recent Deus Ex games on consoles and PC.

You'll be able to augment your character as well as hack various things in the environment. This means that you'll be able to be invisible, shoot things from a distance and more. It features a really unique version of Adam Jensen:

The game is still puzzle-based and turn-based of course and will feature around 60 levels at launch. Furthermore, Square Enix wants to update the game with a level editor after launch, enabling you to create and share new levels.

We loved previous GO games so we're absolutely stoked for this one and we can't wait until it launches, later this summer.

Oh and if you were wondering where the series could go next, do note that some recent trademarks hinted at Just Cause GO and Life is Strange GO. Now these would certainly be something as well.

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