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Bart Bonte oftens delivers unique puzzlers such as the rule-shifting Furiosity Sweet Drmzzz, and sugar sugar, and What's Inside The Box is no different, challenging you with a literal puzzlebox on iOS and Android.

Bonte's newest game is reminiscent of titles such as Don't Touch Anything, The Room, or even the older DOOORs games. The puzzler presents you with a box and your first puzzle: a single button to press.

Over the course of 100 levels, the puzzles grow more complex and require more uses of your device's accelerometer and other features.

Figuring out timed button presses, arranging sliding tiles, decoding number locks, and rolling marbles over colored buttons are some of the puzzles inside the Box.

What's Inside The Box is free to download, with a single in-app purchase to remove ads. You can find the game on the App Store and Google Play.