Update on May 30 at 09:28: It may not have landed "early" last week but Pathfinder Adventures' update has finally landed. You can experience the game's latest adventure deck and a lot more right now.

On top of that, the update contains some fine tuning and bugfixing that should only improve this great game.

Obsidian's Pathfinder Adventures is already getting bigger with a brand new update set to hit early next week. In it, you'll find the Adventure Deck 3 that contains five new scenarios, four new locations, four new maps and over forty new monsters.

You'll also have to choose a specialization to choose at the end of your quest, making your characters more versatile.

On top of this already amazing drop of new content, you'll find UI improvements, bug fixes and iCloud saves.

Obsidian's not pretending uh?

Check out the full patch notes here.