The text-based RPG game, released for iOS back in March, now comes to the Google Play store on May 19th. The complex adventure plays upon a number of genres, including city builder, adventure and simulation; its predominant RPG elements aside.

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Playing as an alchemist, the plot revolves around navigating a dangerous dungeon with a view to create your own underground city. A wealth of possible scenarios appear throughout gameplay, taking the guise of ‘events’, which can pop up at any point and range from loaning money to tramps, to gleaning skills from travellers.

Despite being easy to dip in and out of, the game boasts a deep system of progression and requires strategic thinking throughout. This game is ideal for those who want a no-strings gaming experience, with a lack of need for consistent logging in or app purchases to succeed - necessary resources restock while you're away from the game.


With the added benefits of purchasable expansion packs to top up the already-generous size of the base world (over 500 areas across 10 maps), this title offers myriad possibilities. Get ready to send your warriors out on their adventures, fighting creepy creatures, destroying entire strongholds and watching your city flourish.


The game is now available from the Google Play store for free, whilst iOS users can pick up the creation for free between the dates of 20th – 27th May. This also includes a recent iOS update with the addition of two new areas across a couple of maps: the Eternal Arena, and the Dark Rift. The former is a trial tower, in which you are rewarded in gold and honour - the trick is to get higher and higher, receiving bigger rewards as you ascend. Dark Rift is a maze area where enemies will surface sporadically, keeping you on your toes as you navigate your way to safety.

With an overall rating of 4.5+ on the App Store, we suggest you get your hands on this one and try it out for yourself.

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