If you're intrigued by Verreciel's unique look, it's quite normal. You see, the game's made by David Mondou-Labbe that you might now from other weird and unique titles such as Oquonie and Hiversaires.

is again quite a different beast as its a "virtual space exploration" game in which you are in your own spacecraft that expands and gets more complex as you progress through the game.

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The game's unique interface
lets you see every aspect of your ship through panels that are located all around you. You then connect them together to power and discover new tools.

For example, the cargo panel can be connected to the console to log to see what's coming and going out of your ship. Likewise, the radar panel can be connected to the pilot panel to get the directions to the next system.

It looks absolutely gorgeous and it's out now for £2.29.

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