Subscribe to Pocket Gamer is a pretty fun game, but it could always be funner. More fun. Here are nine new features we'd like to see in future updates to the game.

Private servers

As you're automatically assigned to a random server every time you start a game, you never know who you're going to run into when you play This means it's practically impossible to play with friends.

We'd love the option to form a party with other players before joining a server - like in Call of Duty - or even the ability to create a private server just containing your nearest and dearest friends.


Failing that, the ability to join a clan and work with other players - even if you're on completely different servers - to be the best bunch of snakes in the world would be cool. You could show off your clan with a special name tag, or even a skin...

Custom skins

Speaking of that, the mobile edition desperately needs more skins. Not only do we want the stripy bonus outfits from the PC version, but we also want to be able to make our own disguises.

You could pick from a number of templates - simple colour, gradient, stripes, stars, etc - and then choose a colour or two. Then, no matter how big or small you are, you can show off your custom colours.

Head on collisions

Right now, doesn't know how to deal with head on collisions. If two snakes bump each other in the bonce, it's anyone's guess who will live and who will die.

A simple fix would be to ensure that the biggest snake always wins in this situation, or to make the two snakes bounce off each other. But how about locking the snakes into a fun duelling mini-game where the player who mashes the screen fastest wins the battle?

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Obstacles on the map

The battlefield is a bit boring. It's just a big, flat, circle. It would be cool to add in obstacles like walls, spikes, moving platforms, and lava fields that will keep players guessing, and change up the dynamic of the game.

Special powers

Another item that could be added to the battlefield is the power-up box. Collect this and you'd be given a random bonus: perhaps a faster boost, a temporary shield, the ability to jump over snakes, or a fireball that makes other snakes slow down.

Lag warning

The absolute worst thing about is lag. If your internet connection isn't up to snuff you're going to be jumping about all over the place, and then randomly whack into a rival snake and die.

It would be more than handy to have a warning that your ping (the amount of time it takes for your device to talk to the Slither server and get a response) is too high for smooth gameplay, so you know to stop playing or kick your sister off the DAMN TORRENTS BECKY.

Offline mode

Okay, so Becky won't stop downloading her damn torrents. Maybe it would be nice to play the game offline with snake bots? This feature is actually coming to in a future update - let's hope it appears on mobile, too.

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Picture upon death

When you finally give up the ghost in, you'll get your final length and can share this absurdly high number with others on your social network of choice. But wouldn't it be cool to share a photo of what happened when you died?

A snap showing your current spot in the leaderboard, and the great sparkling ocean of dots you left behind in your wake would be a better memento than a boring number in the tens of thousands.
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