The Big Indie Pitch is a great opportunity for developers from all around the world to showcase their latest creations to a range of leading journalists and industry experts.

This year alone the Big Indie Pitch has visited London, San Francisco, Bangalore, and most recently Berlin, as part of the city's International Games Week.

As always, there was a range of experiences on offer, from the mysteries that surround a lost phone, to rock 'n' roll inspired tennis. There was even a game that tapped into the very fabric of modern culture.

So without further ado, let's take a look at all 15 of the games that were on show in Germany.

That Selfie Game (WINNER)
By Triband

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Not content with coming third in this year's Big Indie Pitch at GDC, Triband was back to showcase That Selfie Game one more time.

In what is essentially charades for front-facing cameras, That Selfie Game tasks players with mimicking one of a number of images. Their friends then try to guess which portrait they were trying to imitate.

Twisted Lines (RUNNER-UP)
By Megagon Industries

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Twisted Lines is an engaging, minimalist puzzler that keeps things simple.

Described as a "tactical puzzle game with a twist", Twisted Lines challenges players to match coloured lines across interlocking routes.

A Normal Lost Phone (THIRD PLACE)
By Accidental Queens

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A Normal Lost Phone is one of the most unique ideas we've seen for a while. The premise is simple - you've discovered a lost phone, and now you have to unveil the truth behind it.

You have to delve deep into the life of the phone's owner, and in turn question a variety of individual and societal topics including identity, gender, individuation, and privacy.

Star Beard
By David Christensen Creative Development

Match three meets tactics in what the developer describes as a "cosmic clash between beardy gnomes and space dragons."

Players have to match stars to charge their hero's attack, whilst also positioning them on the board for maximum effect.

By Mixdown

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Mixdown is a music maker that hopes to encourage people to learn how to play and create music. The game draws lines on the screen, then you can add your own custom sounds to them.

With the ability to both educate and entertain, Mixdown is aiming to be the perfect companion for time-strapped music lovers.

Planet Elysia
By Mad Hats Assembly

Planet Elysia is a brand new third person tower defence title.

The game is currently in the very early stages of development. So, er, we don't really know anything about it. Might be good?

By Team Corecraft

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Corecraft is a pixel-based love letter to the classic shoot-'em-ups like Gradius.

The final game will boast more than 30 stages, an endless mode, hundreds of enemies, and of course a range of boss battles.

You'll also be able to build and tune your own Corecraft, which adds a bit on Minecraft to proceedings.

Mirror Man
By Much Fun Games

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Mirror Man is a game that takes one of mobile's most popular genres, the endless runner, and turns it on its head.

You're not only controlling the main character, but also their mirror image. And while the movements of the two characters are identical, the obstacles they face aren't.

Heavy Metal Tennis Training
By Shape Minds

Have you ever fancied taking down an evil tennis machine while listening to 8Bit inspired heavy metal music? Then this is the game for you.

You have to time your swings and smack the flaming tennis balls of doom right back at your cruel tormentor.

Tiny Passengers
By Shape Minds

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Tiny Passengers is a game for all the family that tasks you with swiping tiny little characters into the correct colour-coordinated vehicle.

The game also has a unique look thanks to the fact it's mainly made of clay.

One Show Only
By Tristan Dahl

Set in a Circus where a trapeze artist has died under suspicious circumstances, One Show Only is a cross between a visual novel and collectible card game.

You walk around and inspect the crime scene, then talk to witnesses. You conduct interrogations with a hand of cards, with each one representing a different skill.

Runic Rampage
By Electrocosmos

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Runic Rampage is a story-driven action RPG with more than a pinch of Diablo in its DNA.

Expect intense melee combat and over-the-top boss battles in a beautiful fantasy world.

Nemesis: Air Combat
By Stratosphere Games

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Unlike most aircraft fighting games, Nemesis: Air Combat offers responsive casual controls, and a gameplay experience designed around short, intense sessions.

Cinematic camera angles add to what is an immersive, but still mobile-focused dog fighting experience.

Evac Earth
By Thomas Stringer

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A Virtual Reality 3D action adventure. You have to battle your way back to a now evacuated planet Earth in order to rescue a group of stranded humans.

Developed by a one man team, the game is already looking impressive, and it's definitely one VR fans should keep on their radar.

Downhill Chapter One
By Screen Implosion

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Screen Implosion's goal as a developer is to take classic arcade gameplay and give it a contemporary twist.

It's this goal that makes up the very fabric of Downhill Chapter One, a minimalist endless free-faller, presented through the lens of beautiful graphics and an avant-garde soundtrack.