Note: This article is now out of date. Check out our list of all the secret and mystery characters in Disney Crossy Road for a full list of unlockable heroes.

Disney Crossy Road just got updated with a new set of characters, to celebrate the release of the new Jungle Book movie. I say "celebrate" but that's PR euphemism. What I mean is promote. It's brand synergy and all that.

Anyway! This area captures the moody jungle feel of the flick, and you'll have to dodge animals, leap on logs, and look out for thunderbolts. Plus, you can play as everyone from Mowgli to Baloo to that nasty ol' snake Kaa.

In this guide we'll tell you exactly what all these characters do, and let you in on the secret steps needed to unlock the hidden characters.


Mowgli (Classic)

No special effect


Vulture (Classic)

No special effect


Peacock (Classic)

No special effect, other than the cute dance Peacock does when you stand still


Crocodile (Classic)

No special effect


Flying Squirrel (Classic)

No special effect


Kaa (Rare)

Animals from the Jungle Book watch from the sidelines, Kaa spits every few jumps, and the music is more scary.


Baloo (Rare)

The game plays a chip tune rendition of the bear necessities, and there are fruit trees which are used to unlock a special hidden character…


Akela (Rare)

Amelia's pals watch on as he bounces through the stage.


Shere Khan (Epic)

No special effect


Bagheera (Epic)

No special effect

Classic Baloo

Classic Baloo (Hidden)

To get this hidden character you first need to buy or win Baloo. Then, find the fruit trees and stand next to them for a second - Baloo will reach up and eat from the tree. Do this ten times to unlock this retro character.

When playing as Classic Baloo the colours in the Jungle Book theme will be much more saturated.

Classic King

Classic King Louie (Hidden)

Collect 50 bananas while playing as Louie to unlock this classic character. You don't need to get them all on one run, so don't despair if you mess up before you hit 50 'nanas.


Bandar-Log Monkey (Hidden)

To get the Bandar-Log Monkey you need to complete the Wild Animals Set, which involves buying or winning a certain group of figures.

According to this video, that set includes Peacock, Crocodile, Flying Squirrel, and Vulture. Once you have them, you'll get this monkey when you next die.


Elephant (Hidden)

The elephant requires you to unlock the Welcome to the Jungle character set. According to this video, that consists of Baloo, Kaa, Bagheera, and Shere Khan.