Update on April 18th at 10:51: As pointed out by our friends at DroidGamers, the Indie Corner has been online since February.

Weirdly enough I didn't see it until now so I apologize.

Still, it's a great way to discover indie games each week if you can track the feature.

Google announced back in March that it was going to open a new corner on the Play Store dedicated to indie games.

The goal was to showcase the best indie games in a permanent way and help the little guys get some much needed spotlight.

Well, Google has opened up the Indie Corner yesterday and it's filled with great titles like Downwell, Hammer Bomb and Chameleon Run to name a few. You can check the list here.

How does Google define "indie"?

Here's how they explained their selection to GamesBeat:

"It has to be a relatively small company, we think 11 to 15 employees — something along those lines. And then it’s the type of game. Is trying to do something creative or different stylistically.”