Board game are often complicated beasts, requiring you to look online for rules or video tutorials explaining the basics of the game in twenty minutes.

On mobile, you generally don't have the time, or if you're like me the patience, to go through that. Enter Kamisado, a board game that you can learn in a minute and that plays really quickly.

It looks like Chess at first glance but plays totally differently. In it, you only have a simple type of towers that can only move forward.

You must then choose which of these will move. Each square is marked by a color that will decide which tower your opponent can move.

If you end up on a color that your opponent doesn't have, they can play again.

It's easier to see it, as always, so look at the tutorial in the first few minutes of this video:

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The game supports offline and online multiplayer and comes with colorblind-friendly options as well.

It's out now on iOS and Android.