Update on April 7th at 09:13: As promised, Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi is now available for free on iOS and Android.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi took its sweet time to release outside of Japan.

First available as a browser based game in 2013 and then as an app at the end of 2015, it's finally coming west on April 7th. Well, if by west you mean North America as it seems like that's the only region getting the game this week.

Still, getting the APK on Android or using our guide to get the free to play title on iOS shouldn't be too hard so don't despair just yet fans of the series.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained
Chi interestingly features a lot of story and acts as a prequel to the Kingdom Hearts universe:

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Impressions from the Japanese version have been mostly positive so look forward to it this week on both iOS and Android.

[Source via Reddit]

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