As part of our 10th anniversary celebration we've asked ten former key members of the PG team to share their memories and thoughts (as well as their all-time top 10). Let's dive in…

Who are you?
I'm Caspar Field, CEO of Wish Studios in (occasionally) sunny Brighton, where we're developing a sparkling new game for a fantastic publisher. I started out in the industry writing for Edge in the '90s, then launched DC-UK, and jumped across to game development in 2000.

When did you work in the Pocket Gamer empire, and what did you do?
I was lucky enough to write for the site back in the early days – 2006-2007. I reviewed a bunch of mobile games (pre-iPhone!), did some terribly interesting analysis of Metacritic data, and wrote a list of 'Top Five PSone Games We'd Love to See on PSP' that I'm proud to say I'd still stand by today.

Following that, I spent some time editing Pocket Gamer's now-defunct sister site, Pocket Picks, covering the period when the iPhone was first announced, which was a hugely exciting time.

What are you up to nowadays?
Running Wish. My two partners, Tom and Paul, and I, have around 25 people at the studio, which doesn't half keep us busy! And I have two lovely kids, who are seven and four, so that's like having a second job on the side.

Do you have any fond/happy/mad/secret memories of your time on PG you'd like to share?
God, the pure thrill of posting stories and watching the tracking analytics to see how they perform – that is an amazing feeling. It's like an instant review of your work, like no other.

What key moments or developments stick out for you from the last 10 years of the mobile games industry?
The iPhone. Anyone old enough to remember what phone were like before 2007 who says it wasn't a big deal is, frankly, a liar.

Which was your favourite mobile gaming platform(s) or hardware?
Probably anything made by Nintendo that runs an Intelligent Systems game. Advance Wars on the GBA! Fire Emblem on the 3DS! OMG!

Do you still play mobile games? What are you playing now and on what device?
I still have a 3DS on my bedside table, which is currently used for enjoying Steamworld Heist. I loved Image & Form's previous game, Steamworld Dig. This totally different follow-up, set in the same universe, is proving a lot of fun too.

Where do you see mobile games and the industry going in the next 10 years?
I'm surprised no-one's managed to create a successful platform that's a mobile device that you dock and use with the TV. iPhones are pretty powerful things these days.

Anything you'd like to add?
I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Keep the good work up.

What's all this, then?

The Pocket Gamer 10th anniversary is a month-long celebration of the last decade of mobile games running March 10th - April 10th and featuring a stream of retrospective articles and fun stuff, supported by our friends at Gram Games, Gamevil, JoyCity, Rovio, Nordeus, and Ninja Kiwi. Head over to the PG 10th anniversary homepage for more information.