Twilight Princess

Nintendo's new rewards program My Nintendo launched today, as did the firm's first smartphone app: Miitomo.

Using these services earns you coins, which you can cash in for cool stuff like virtual goodies in Miitomo, discounts on eShop games, and - best of all - an exclusive 3DS game called My Nintendo Picross - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Bit of a mouthful, but it looks awesome. You just need to earn 1000 points to get it. Here's how.

Step 1 Miitomo

Go to the My Nintendo website and sign up, or log in with one of the many options. You Nintendo Network ID is the thing you use on the eShop if you want to use that. Once you've made your account...

Step 2 Miitomo

Scroll down to the missions and complete the one that says "Start using My Nintendo" to get your first 100 points.


Sadly, you'll have to spend 50 points on your first purchase: the Point Box. Boo!

Step 3 Miitomo

You can get 100 points for linking your Nintendo Network ID to your Nintendo Account. You can also get 10 points each for linking your Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus accounts to My Nintendo.


You can do this by clicking your little face and choosing account settings. At the bottom you'll find linked accounts - press edit and then go through the process of adding your social media accounts.

You'll get 30 points (each week) for signing into the eshop on your 3DS or Wii U, and another 30 (a week) for signing into Miiverse. Just sign in on your console, then refresh the page on your browser and click "collect points".

You'll also get 30 points if you visit the official Nintendo website while signed in to your Nintendo Account.

Step 4 Miitomo

There are some bonus points to get to. You should also see a coin on the floor next to your point box on the main page for My Nintendo. Click it to get your weekly bonus.


And on the main page click the brick block at the bottom and then once you jump back to the top, your Mii will be holding a present. Keep tapping him or her to earn another bonus.

Step 5 Miitomo

Next, go grab your iOS or Android device and download Miitomo and log in to your account.


You'll get 100 points when you link Miitomo to your Nintendo account, and you can get 100 a pop for linking to Twitter and Facebook inside the app. You can find the buttons for these in the friends tab.

You'll also get 100 if you add a friend using the face-to-face option but you'll need to be next to your pal when you do it.

Next, buy some clothes from the shop, and then make two different outfits using the star button on the clothing menu. Then switch between them to get 5 points for changing your outfit. You can do this once per day.

Step 6 Step 10

You'll also get 5 coins for providing 3 answers a day. Tap on your character and then tap on it again to be given a question. You'll also be asked questions as you visit other Miis and generally explore the app.

You'll get 10 points for getting 5 hearts on your answers in one day and another 10 for getting 5 comments on your answers in one day. The more friends you have and the more answers you provide, the more likely you are to get these.

Also you get 5 points for listening to your friends' answers 10 times in one day. Make sure you add lots of friends and then click on their face when it appears in the thought bubble. Or go visit them from the friends tab.

Step 7 Step 11

Unfortunately, unless we've missed something, you won't have enough to get the Zelda game in one day.

But no worries! Many of the easy missions can be repeated daily so come back tomorrow and try again. Once you have your 1000, trade them in for the game on My Nintendo.

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