Being unique is no bad thing, especially when it comes to the Big Indie Pitch, and this year there was one developer in particular whose unique style certainly caught the eye of a judge or two.

That developer was Ori Takemura, the founder of Singaporean studio Qixen-P Design, and Takemura was on hand to show not one, but two of his games that are currently in development.

The first of these was Tallnum, a mathematical puzzle game that was brimming with style and complexity.

So what’s it about? Well, in Tallnum the aim is continually merge numbers through mathematical means in order to prevent your stack from becoming too high. Imagine something like Tetris meets Maths.

Not only was the game intelligent and well designed, but Takemura chose the Big Indie Pitch to be his world premiere reveal for this brand new game.

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Takemura further demonstrated Qixen P-Design's unique artistic style with their other game in development, Kori Kori, anexperience which Takemura himself describes as "a rogue-llke adventure about the meaning of life".

A bold statement, especially when you learn that Kori Kori at its heart is all about Caterpillars and eating leaves. In Kori Kori players move by swiping, and must avoid falling from the leaf as they aim for the exit.
It sounds strange, but it all comes together very nicely, and certainly makes for an experience that is both intriguing and mesmerising at the same time.

Kori Kori is still some way off being completed, but it’s definitely a game that you’ll want to keep on your radar along with Tallnum.

Ultimately, the Big Indie Pitch is a great place for developers to try to make a name for themselves. It’s an opportunity that Qixen-P Design definitely seized and with their distinctive art style and drive for innovation, we're confident of labelling the studio a potential rising star.

Qixen-P Design was invited to the Big Indie Pitch on behalf of one of the event’s sponsors, Singaporean Game Box