King Rabbit is a sharp and entertaining puzzling adventure that sees you tromping through a bunch of levels to free your bunny friends from captivity.

The controls are remarkably simple, and the complexity stems from the variety of obstacles placed in your path. Finishing a level might be easy, but getting all three of the gold coins scattered around is another matter.

There's a great compulsion loop here, and the bite-sized levels mean that while there's a challenge, it's not the sort of challenge that's going to see you hunting down real-life rabbits and punching them to death.

So you're a rabbit?

I'm not, but you play one in the game, yes. There'sa smattering of Zelda in here, as well as a decent understanding of how touchscreen puzzling works.

Each level you swipe on the screen to bounce around. There's a bunny in a cage and you need to get to it to let it out.

Things start off pretty simply – push a few blocks out of the way, smash the cage, job done. But as you play things get much tougher.

There are switches to pull, moving blocks to jump across, fires to either avoid or utilise, and different crowns that let you utilise a variety of powers.

It's decidedly linear, but then it's a puzzle game wrapped around an adventure rather than an adventure with puzzling elements. And puzzle you will. There are plenty of head-scratchers here to sink your brain teeth into.

It looks great as well. There's a real individuality to the style, and plenty of little asides that make the whole thing feel like it's been put together with love.

Sounds pretty good

It is good. Everything gels together brilliantly, and even when you're a bit stuck you'll be happy to persevere. Just because everything is so lovely. This is a game it's a joy to play.

And on top of all of that, it's about a rabbit that wears a crown. How awesome is that? More animals should wear crowns. And occasionally set on fire.