The 17th Humble Mobile Bundle is filled with goodies for Android users.

Each title below will have its review linked so you can see what we thought about it.

As always, it works in tiers so here's what you get for your money:

$1 or more:

This tier nets you:

The lovely Platinum Award-winning Prune, a sort of zen puzzler,

Framed, another puzzler but a really different one that is influenced by comics.

And finally, Battlestation: Harbinger a cruelly underrated strategy game.

Pay more than the average (around $5):

This will get you the absolutely amazing puzzler Lara Croft GO and the equally great gamebook Sorcery 3.

Plus, you'll have Frozen Synapse Prime even if its not the best version of the famous tactical game.

Pay more than $6:

On this final tier, you'll have the opportunity to get classic adventure game Grim Fandago Remastered and Desktop Dungeons.

As usual, more games will be added to the "Pay more than the average" tier. Get the bundle here.

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