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Few pitches at our Big Indie Pitch event - that speed-dating-style show-off session for game makers - start with the developer taking a selfie.

But that's exactly what Tim Garbos did when he kicked off developer Triband's pitch for That Selfie Game - a simple and silly party game about making faces and looking goofy.

Player one is shown a picture of a silly face - a girl making a duck face, an old man gurning without his dentures, a man screaming in agony - and must take a selfie that matches the image.

Then player two will see the selfie, and a bunch of photos of faces, and have to guess which one player one is trying to look like. Easy to play, simple to explain, and a lot of silly fun. No wonder it took home third place at the Big Indie Pitch.

The game will be free to play and out later this year. We'll let you know.