Legacy Quest is a solid dungeon crawler that doesn't stray too far from the linear path of its mobile forebears. It's got some new-ish ideas, but if you've ever delved into an underground cavern with a sword before, you'll know what to expect.

There are monsters to smash, loot to grab, and bosses to mash into little pieces. And it's all presented in a reasonably interesting art-style.

And it's hard to really find any fault in it. Sure, it's free to play, but not egregiously so, and while it's not original, it's still a decent amount of fun. Just don't expect it to blow you away and you'll get on perfectly with it.

Dungeon crawling then, standard stuff?

Pretty standard yeah. You've got a floating stick on the left of the screen that moves you around, and a bunch of buttons that let you attack monsters and dodge out of the way.

The dodging is probably the most interesting addition to the game. It's on a short cool down, but using it sensibly will keep you alive in some of the tougher situations. Keeping on the move is key, whether you're dodging or just running.

You get new special moves as you level up, and these can turn the tide of a tough scrap if you use them right. There's new equipment thrown at you pretty regularly, and a crafting system of sorts too.

The levels are all tight and well paced. Walk down a corridor, trigger a blockade, then smash all of the monsters that pop up. Sometimes you'll have to fight a boss, then it's off out the door and on to the next adventure.

As you might imagine with this being free to play there's plenty of menus rolling about. There's gear to equip, items to shuffle, and XP to collect.

You've got three separate characters as well. You can't change them on the fly, but need to swap between levels. They grow individually, so if you want to power them up you'll need to head back to earlier challenges or risk getting mauled.

Okay, that does all sound pretty standard

It is, and it all works well. The smashing is nice, the dodging is slick, and the level of challenge is pitched just about right. There's a nice blocky look to proceedings that isn't perfect but is slightly more interesting than your usual fantasy fare.

Legacy Quest is a fun, fairly well polished hack-and-slasher that never does anything out of the ordinary, never outreaches itself, and gets pretty repetitive after a few hours.

But at the same time it offers some neat, bite-sized portions of violence that work pretty darn well on mobile. Is it worth your time? Sure, so long as you don't mind spending that time in a bunch of places you've probably visited before.