Ubisoft's developing its first VR game dubbed Werewolves Within after a couple of announcements for VR experiences like Eagle Flight.

It's the classic boardgame Werewolves, a game of lies and deceptions in which villagers must find the werewolves during the day while werewolves are killing them at night.

It's coming to all "major VR platforms" (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR) this fall.

Take a look at the first trailer:

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You'll be able to move your arms around and replicate your physical movements thanks to the camera provided with VR HMDs. You'll even be able to whisper to other player naturally, a function that is really neat and unique.

It's again a counter example to the "VR is not a social experience" argument that is often heard. VR can effectively breaks boundaries in a way that wasn't possible before with friends that you have all around your country or even all around the globe.