Eden Games created the popular driving simulation Test Drive Unlimited on consoles and PC. TDU as it became known was a racer in which you had a lot of freedom.

The press and players quite liked the game but due to some difficulties, Eden Games decided to focus on mobile games.

Enters Gear.Club, the latest in a string of driving simulation on iOS. It looks a lot like Gameloft's GT Racing 2 and whether or not that's a good thing will depend entirely on what you search for in your racing experience.

Here's what it looks like in motion:

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You may have heard of Gear.Club before but under a different name. See, it was called GT Spirit when it released on Apple TV late last year.

It's now available in Canada for iPad and iPhones following this link
. If you need help creating an account in other regions, check this handy guide that you can apply to any game.