Do you remember the old adventure games? In the really old ones, you had multiple ways to interact with everything in the world, adding a lot of possibilities and weird puzzles into the mix.

If you know that era, you obviously know of Maniac Mansion, a point and click game released in 1985 that took place in the mansion of a deranged scientific.

It was made by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick at Lucasfilm.
They went on to create more adventure games before the genre disappeared.

Now that we have remasters of old adventure games and that the genre is finally back, they launched a Kickstarter to create a point and click game in the spirit of these old games, complete with pixely graphics and the exact same interface.

After successfully reaching their goal, they were hard at work on what became Thimbleweed Park.

Today, they shared a new trailer for the game and everything's looking great for lovers of the genre:

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The game should be coming out later this year to iOS and Android.