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The Light Inside Us is an intriguing new shooter, following a group of young beings on a quest to rescue their captive mother, now available on iOS.

You control a cluster of squares, navigating through tight arenas with taps and shooting by holding on enemies. However each shot must be made with caution and planning, since the projectiles also act as your health.

This makes Light Inside Us' combat quite strategic, as you move around levels to avoid encroaching foes, and switch weapons by traveling over colored tiles.

Each weapon has a different effect - from spread shot to piercing sniper shot - and uses varying amount of your health, so choosing the best attack at the right moment is key. Choose poorly, get cornered, and the consequence for lost health is reduced range and damage.

The Light Inside Us features 55 levels divided into a number of chapters; each chapter introduces new mechanics such as weapons, enemy types, or elements like portals and bullet-bending gravity wells.

The Light Inside Us costs £2.29 / $2.99 on iPad and iPhone.

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