It's too logical not to happen but it's still quite marvelous. As Hitman GO was inspired by real dioramas, it's natural that Square Enix Montreal would try to build one of their own to showcase the game.

Well it took some time but just in time for the game's release on Playstation Vita but the team uploaded a video of a real level of Hitman GO being built from scratch.

As you'd expect, it takes a lot of hard work and polish but the result is just amazing.

It's also interesting how the challenges in creating the real thing were quite different than those they faced with the virtual levels in Hitman GO.

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Let's just say that building a real level of Lara Croft GO is going to be a lot more complicated but who knows, they might do that if they release the game on consoles and Playstation Vita.

Hitman GO is out now on iOS, Android and Playstation Vita and we couldn't recommend it enough.

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