The golden rule of video game adaptations of almost everything is that they're rubbish. The narrative tricks which work when you're passively consuming a book or film don't apply when you're actively playing a game. Who knew?

Not legions of cash-hungry studio executives, it seems.

Yet as we all know, it's the exception that proves the rule. In this case the exception is the legion of Lego based games. Which are actually exceptions twice, since they involve turning franchises into little interlocking blocks and then on to computer. So it's doubly impressive how good they are.

They're almost all available for mobile, too. Sometimes a little content goes astray, sometimes the controls are a little clumsy. But who cares: it's Lego. You're it in for your inner child, not for powergaming kudos.

At the risk of bringing back less happy childhood memories, here's six of the best.

The LEGO Movie Video Game
By Warner Bros. - buy on iPhone and iPad
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If we're debunking the idea that all film to game translations have to be awful, where better place to start than this? The Lego Movie Videogame isn't just fun in its own right, it uses its freeform setting to maximum effect.

Freed of the constraints of other franchises, it lets you run wild with a gamut of content and characters. Plus you get to build up your protagonist as you play, giving it a real RPG feel on top of all the brick-stacking.

The controls are a little clumsy. But the variety and humour win through, ensuring you'll have an awesome time with everything.

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes
By Warner Bros. - buy on iPhone and iPad
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Batman puts an appearance in the Lego Movie, of course. There, his dour sensibilities contrast brilliantly with the jolly demeanour of the other characters. Unlikely as it may seem, Lego pull ps the same trick in Batman's very own Lego title.

It's because the game includes a dizzying selection of other DC heroes for Bats to play the straight man against. You can even play as some of them. You can step into the shoes of Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and more.

Whoever you choose as your protagonist, you'll have to work through plenty of puzzles and platforming. Plus lots of plastic fist-fights with little yellow pincers in place of actual fists.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril
By Warner Bros. - buy on iPhone and iPad
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Not satisfied with just DC, Lego had to go and get Marvel too. Thus making Lego a terrifying uber-franchise which unites other vast pop-culture monoliths under one umbrella.

The result has been specially tailored for mobile, with improved visuals. And it's a bit more challenging to play well. Unfortunately, there was less attention given to controls, which are a wee bit too clumsy compared to its predecessor.

But the sheer colour and noise of the Marvel universe more than compensates. With mutants, norse gods, and alien technology popping out of every scene, it would take a hard heart not to enjoy yourself.

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7
By Warner Bros. - buy on iPhone and iPad
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Yes, yes, we know Harry Potter runs all the way back to year one. And we know that the junior years game is great too. Someone perhaps explain that to WB Interactive so it can put out a whole package. In the meantime we can't really put both on the list, so we picked the best.

Why is it better? The hub world is larger and you get more characters to interact with. So you get to see more of the Potterverse. The gameplay is also a bit more varied.

What really nails it, though, is the loss of swipe controls in favour of a touchscreen d-pad and buttons. It helps a lot when you're trying to cast spells to actually feel in control of what you're doing.

LEGO Minifigures Online
By Funcom - buy on iPhone and iPad
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What's better than playing with Lego by yourself? Playing with friends, of course. That's what Minifigures Online allows you to do, digitally. It's a Lego-themed MMO rather than the bottomless collectible that the title suggests.

There's plenty of collecting to do if that suits your fancy. As well as the titular figures, there's also lots of different worlds to unlock and explore and throw Lego around in.

Sure it's simplistic for an MMO, but like with all the Lego games, that's part of the charm. It keeps things family friendly and lets you focus on the core of the experience. Which, like most MMO's, is pretty much killing and destroying lots of stuff but with plenty of added jokes.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
By Warner Bros. - buy on iPhone and iPad
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We saved the best until last. While the gameplay is similar to other titles on this list, with similar control niggles too, what sets this apart is the sheer joy of the adaptation. It's so crammed with detail, content, in-jokes, and fun that it almost needs side vents to let all the energy out.

Plus, of course, it's Star Wars. Six films' worth of Star Wars. Even if the quality of the prequels does render that down to only about 4.5 full film's worth.

Whichever movies you decide to tackle, there's tons to do. If fighting and force-using your way through the story isn't enough there are mini-games galore. Plus, once you're done, an option to play again using one of the characters you encountered in the game. So you can make sure Greedo shoots first if you want to.