Mad Japanese cat collecting game Neko Atsume is all about inviting kittens to stay in your yard, by setting out food and goodies. When your device is turned off, cats will come to eat play with the toys you've provided.

It's easy to attract random cats, but getting rare kitties - like a baseball playing pussy or a regal cat pharaoh - requires very specific goodies, certain types of food, and a lot of waiting.

Below you'll find all you need to know about attracting these rare cats to your yard so you can fill up your cat book.

Just set out the right goody and food, and then cross your fingers and hope a rare feline comes to visit when you next shut off your smartphone.

Joe DiMeowgio
Neko Atsume Personality: Team Player
Power Level: 28
Description: Baseball Jersey
Required Goody: Baseball (90 )
Food Preference: Any
Memento: Signed Baseball

SeƱor Don Gato
Neko Atsume Personality: Scheming
Power Level: 30
Description: Mustachioed
Required Goody: Mister Mouse (140 )
Food Preference: Any
Memento: Feathered Hat

Xerxes IX
Neko Atsume Personality: Regal
Power Level: 70
Description: Persian
Required Goody: Zanzibar Cushion (20 )
Food Preference: Any
Memento: Pretty Stones

Chairman Meow
Neko Atsume Personality: Boorish
Power Level: 111
Description: Camouflage
Required Goody: Earthenware pot (20 ) or Sunken Fireplace (70 )
Food Preference: Any
Memento: Dog Tag

Saint Purrtrick
Neko Atsume Personality: Awe-Inspiring
Power Level: 222
Description: Ethereal
Required Goody: Silk Crepe Pillow (20 ) or Kotatsu (60 )
Food Preference: Any
Memento: Mysterious Stone

Ms. Fortune
Neko Atsume Personality: Charismatic
Power Level: 20
Description: Gold
Required Goody: Cardboard House (40 )
Food Preference: Any
Memento: Oval Coin

Bob the Cat
Neko Atsume Personality: Outdoorsy
Power Level: 40
Description: Adventurer
Required Goody: Cat Metropolis (50 )
Food Preference: Any
Memento: Antique Compass

Conductor Whiskers
Neko Atsume Personality: Vigilant
Power Level: 50
Description: Railway Uniform
Required Goody: Cardboard Choo-Choo (60 ) or Twisty Rail (20 )
Food Preference: Any
Memento: Hand-written Ticket

Neko Atsume Personality: Finicky Feaster
Power Level: 130
Description: Fluffy
Required Goody: Food Bowl or Giant Cushion (25 )
Food Preference: Any except Thrifty Bitz
Memento: Fish Jerky

Mr. Meowgi
Neko Atsume Personality: Mentoring
Power Level: 250
Description: Ronin
Required Goody: Scratching Log (30 ) or Sakura PIllow (220 )
Food Preference: Any
Memento: Old Wooden Charm

Lady Meow-Meow
Neko Atsume Personality: Diva
Power Level: 100
Description: American Shorthair
Required Goody: Luxurious Hammock (35 )
Food Preference: Any except Thrifty Bitz
Memento: Novelty Sunglasses

Guy Furry
Neko Atsume Personality: Artisan
Power Level: 30
Description: Apron
Required Goody: Heating Stove (600 ) or Glass Vase (750 )
Food Preference: Any for the Glass Vase, any except Thrifty Bitz for the Heating Stove.
Memento: Custom Rolling Pin

Neko Atsume Personality: Refined
Power Level: 150
Description: Hunting Coat
Required Goody: Temari Ball (25 ) or Lacquered Bowl (25 )
Food Preference: Any except Thrifty Bitz for the Temari Ball, any except Thrifty Bitz or Frisky Bitz for the Lacquered Bowl.
Memento: Fine Quality Writing Brush

Ramses the Great
Neko Atsume Personality: Riddler
Power Level: 230
Description: Sphinx
Required Goody: Tent (Pyramid) (190 )
Food Preference: Any except Sashimi
Memento: Elegant Staff

Sassy Fran
Neko Atsume Personality: Enthusiastic
Power Level: 180
Description: Waitress
Required Goody: Cardboard Cafe (50 )
Food Preference: Any except Thrifty Bitz
Memento: Coffee Cup

Billy the Kitten
Neko Atsume Personality: Nihilistic
Power Level: 250
Description: Western Wear
Required Goody: Cowboy Hat (400 )
Food Preference: Any
Memento: Lucky Coin

Neko Atsume Personality: Sensitive
Power Level: 5
Description: Straw Coat
Required Goody: Any of the below: Pillow (Purple) (120 )
Pillow (Yellow) (120 )
Pillow (Green) (120 )
Silk Crepe Pillow (20 )
Sakura Pillow (220 )
Maple Pillow (220 )
Snowy Pillow (220 )
Thick Cooling Pad (130 )
Marble Pad (30 )
Large Cooling Mat (390 )
Basket Case (380 )
Tent (Blizzard) (190 )
Bureau with Pot (950 )
Food Preference: Any except Thrifty Bitz
Memento: Thaw-Proof Snowman