Welcome to Pocket Gamer's list of forthcoming PSVR games. If you're not excited about the PlayStation VR yet, here's a bunch of good reasons why you should be. This is the first in a trilogy of lists, running down every game coming out from A to Z in one sentence or less.

So, get out your notebook and pen to note down the essentials and prepare to read through Pocket Gamer's forthcoming PSVR games list episode 1: The VR Menace, comprising confirmed PS:VR games from A - E.

100Ft Robot Golf - No Goblin

Play golf as an the titular 100 foot tall robots while causing insane collateral damage to the city around you.

Ace Combat 7 - Bandai Namco Entertainment

Fly fighter jets real fast and feel the need for speed, but this time in VR.

Ace Combat 7 takes off exclusively for the PS4 & PlayStation VR headset Atom Universe - Atom Republic

Visit a virtual theme-park and experience rides and chat to friends in this virtual reality social space - this one was kickstarted in April last year.

Adrift - Three One Zero

In space no one can hear you scream, but you play as an astronaut floating through the debris of a ruined space station with no memory of how you get there - puzzles and solving mysteries ensue.

Three One Zero release 9 minutes of Adr1ft footage

Albino Lullaby - Ape Law

Described as a Lynchian psychological nightmare where you play as yourself, this game has you trying to escape a seriously creepy victorian town which is morphing into a surreal nightmare around you.

Allison Road - Lilith Ltd

P.T may be dead but spiritual successor Allison Road lives on as you explore an abandoned british house looking for clues about why it's abandoned and also why a horrifying ghost is chasing you about the place.

Apollo 11 VR Experience - David Whelan

Another kickstarter success, this one aims to take you, a normal person sitting in your living room with a virtual reality headset strapped to your noggin, to space like one of those astronauts.

Ark: Survival Evolved - Studio Wildcard

Ark let's you tame dinosaurs, build a settlement and fend off other angry players in the name of survival; now it's letting you do that in VR.

The Assembly - Ndreams

The Assembly is a mysterious organisation hidden from the world and it's been experimenting outside of the constraints or laws or morals - you'll play one of two characters and try to work out what secrets it's hiding as the organisation is on the verge of being exposed.

Battlezone - Rebellion

A remake of classic tank battler Battlezone, Rebellion's remake looks like World of Tanks and Tron had a baby and aesthetically it's absolutely gorgeous.

Battlezone is 'coming first' to PlayStation VR headset

Bebylon Battle Royale - Kite and Lightning

No videos or screenshots on this baby-battling beat-em-up yet, but some babies enter, one baby leaves - total carnage.

Chernobyl Project - The Farm 51

This VR experience will have a single player campaign but also lets you explore Chernobyl and Pripyat without breaking the bank or subjecting yourself to the risk of all that radiation.

Classroom Aquatic - Sunken Places

This Kickstarted classroom-based stealther sees us cribbing notes off dolphins in this undersea cheat-em-up - it's as surreal as it sounds.

Cult Country - Renegade Kid

Cult Country is a first person survival-horror game that was in development for the 3ds before developers Renegade Kid realised it was too big and are now bringing the first person survival horror to VR.

Crystal Rift - Psytec Games Ltd

A dungeon crawler that sees you fighting skeletons and solving puzzles - this feels like Legend of Grimrock given the VR treatment.

Cyber Danganronpa VR: Class Trial - Spike Chunsoft

This bonkers japanese game has you exposing a killer amongst a class full of students.

Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 - Team Ninja

Half naked volleyball action that's probably not really that enhanced by the VR headset, unless you're specifically into that sort of thing.

Dead Secret - Robot Invader

You're an ambitious journalist looking to uncover the mystery of dead man Harris Bullard, presumably murdered for his atrocious name - players will be trying to uncover his… DEAD SECRET.

Desert Bus 2.0 - Gearbox Software

Penn and Teller's classic "non-game" is reinvented for VR, letting you drive a crappy broken bus along a winding highway at 45mph in real time and feel like you're actually there.

Distance - Refract

Distance takes you to a fully-realised futuristic world and turns you loose in this arcade racer - you'll tear through the world from start to finish while trying to survive.

Dreams - Media Molecule

Dreams is part game, part crafting tool and gives you the ability to create whatever you like in an eery 3D dreamscape before going off to explore other players dreams.

Drive Club - Evolution

Drive Club has already been out for a good long while, but this looks to be the best option for people looking for the most realistic "in car" experience.

Dynasty Warriors 8 VR - Tecmo Koei

Dynasty Warriors has been around for a while but VR is going to turn this arcade brawler into a terrifying first person slash-em-up.

Eagle Flight - Ubisoft

Explore a post-apocalyptic Paris from the skies as an eagle in this Ubisoft explorer.

Eagle Flight soars onto VR headsets in 2016

The Easel - Harmonix

One for the creatives, The Easel will let you paint in a three dimension space but by selecting a preset track or uploading your own, the paint will react dynamically to the song that's playing as you work.


The Earthlight project is a new astronaut themed virtual reality experience that promises to let you do sexy astronaut things like unscrewing things and forgetting which way is up, but in VR.

Eclipse - White Elk

Awaken on a mysterious planet after crash-landing to find the debris of a failed civilization - you'll have to explore the planet to get to the bottom of the many mysteries in this game.

Eve Valkyrie - CCP Studios

Honestly one of the most exciting games coming to VR right now, Valkyrie feels like the best Star Wars game never made with a host tight outer space dogfights against AI and other players.

Meet the Oculus Rift's first official launch title in this EVE Valkyrie hands on