Multiplayer is tricky on mobile.

Android and iOS gamers can rarely play together, and trying to set up an online game can be a right pain.

Luckily, there are plenty of portable games that you can play on just one device. That way, only one person needs a tablet and a good game to get a multiplayer session going.

Now, while some games listed below may be compatible with a phone or phablet, it would be, in our opinion, difficult to play them with such a small screen.

So, we reckon you should stick to iPads and Android tablets for this list of games that are fun to play on the same screen. Prepare to make (and break) some friendships...

Don't Fall in the Hole (2-4 Players)
By Oooweeooo - get it on Android or iOS

The goal here is to push your friends outside the field that you are currently standing on. Each player controls their avatar by touching one corner of the screen.

Drive Ahead! (2 Players)
By Dodreams - get it on Android or iOS

It doesn't look like much but Drive Ahead! is a lot of fun. You each start in a car and you need to push your opponent's vehicle out of the way. It's more difficult than it sounds thanks to the ridiculous physics system at play here.

Warrior's Duel (2 Players)
By Mind Candy - get it on Android or iOS

A simple "who's fastest?" kind of game. Whenever you hear or see "Fight" on the screen, you need to tap faster than your friend.

Battle Golf (2 Players)
By KAPPSULE - get it on Android or iOS

This one is self-explanatory. It's golf but against your friend and in real-time. It's well made and fun.

Mucho Party (2 players at the same time, 4+ in pass and play)
By GlobZ - get it on Android or iOS

This is, for me, the best game of the bunch. It's insanely fun, cheap and features a lot of mini games. You simply have to try it with friends.

Slamjet Stadium (2-4 Players)
By Alistair Aitcheson - get it on iOS

Use rocket-powered cars in order to push the ball in the goal. It sounds familiar but here you have to manage two cars at the same time and it quickly gets messy with power-ups and more.

Bloon TD Battles (2 Players)
By Ninja Kiwi - get it on Android or iOS

Ever wished you could play a tower defence game against your friends, in splitscreen? Well now you can with this enjoyable title. You're welcome, internet.

Slingshot Racing (2-4 Players)
By Crescent Moon - get it on Android or iOS

The concept of Slingshot Racing is genius: you don't control the cars, instead you control a cable that attaches to different parts of the tracks and that will steer your vehicle in the right direction. It's great in multiplayer, too.

Mini Mix Mayhem (2 Players) By Chris Burt-Brown - get it on iOS

It's basically GBA cult classic Wario Ware but with multiple games on multiple screens. At the same time. It's insane in single player and even more fun with friends.

If I missed any, don't hesitate to share your favourites on the comments section below.