Updated 13th February, 1:50 PM: The striking puzzler, Causality, is out now on iOS.

Grab the game for £1.99/$1.99 now on the App Store.

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Causality is an upcoming puzzler for mobile and PC where you solve conundrums across multiple timelines, working in conjunction with other versions of yourselves.

Trapped on a strange alien world, you guide a stranded astronaut around through gauntlets of buttons, special tiles, and deadly hazards.

By switching certain tiles, you can direct the astronaut down specific paths, in turn activating barriers and other effects to guide him to the exit.

But you alone isn't enough to escape. Walking onto teleporter tiles sends you across time and space, resulting in multiple astronauts on a single level.

Together, you can press buttons and trigger barriers simultaneously, being careful not to collide with each other.

Causality is in development for Steam and mobile platforms; the game may release on PC first before coming to mobile. You can learn more about Causality here.