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Punch Club - a tycoon game where you train to be a better boxer and find out who murdered your father - will hit the App Store tomorrow.

The game is about deciding how best to spend your time - do you pump iron, earn cash at work, or go on dates? - before going to the gym to beat the scales off a crocodile.

It's goofy and strange, and dressed up with authentic 16 bit pixel art.

The game was supposed to arrive as soon as Twitch viewers beat the game. Developer tinyBuild rigged up a special version of the PC version where live stream viewers could all vote on how to proceed.

"We were expecting it'd take a week to beat the game, and we'd release it on Steam as soon as it's beaten, having plenty of time to get the iOS build ready," says tinyBuild boss Alex Nichiporchik. Surprisingly, Twitch beat the game in just 36 hours, leaving the studio scrambling to launch the game on all platforms.

Punch Club will cost £3.99 / $4.99 and have no in-app purchases. It's probably best suited for iPad, but the universal app has been carefully crafted to keep the text readable on iPhone.