A new game creation platform, Gamelooper, will be arriving on January 22nd, and according to the developers it won't require any coding knowledge.

The software lets you drag and drop art, variables, and mechanics onto the screen, and build entertaining gameplay experiences from the ground-up.

It also lets you create animations, upload project files to the cloud, and even share your games between devices.

This video walkthrough shows the developer putting together a Flappy Bird clone with relative ease.

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While it remains to be seen how powerful and capable the software is, the speed it takes to create something is quite impressive. Although we'd recommend playing this clone with the sound down. I've never heard a bird chip like that before.

Gamelooper will be free to download on Android, iOS, and Desktop PC when it launches on January 22nd.

Who knows, you could be making games for Harry to review by the end of the month!