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tinyBuild will not launch its new boxing tycoon management game Punch Club, until viewers on Twitch can all work together to beat the game.

Over at Twitch Plays Punch Club, livestreaming viewers can send hashtag commands to vote on what should happen in the game.

Users might try and send the fighter to work, or to the gym for training, or home for a kip. They'll have to manage friendships, exercise, work, and aligators to become a champion boxer.

When Twitch players finish the game, it will launch on Steam and the App Store.

"Of course, it might all go horribly wrong. What if Twitch users don't work well together?," asks tinyBuild PR man Mike Rose*. "Maybe we'll just never get to launch the game. That would be a bummer".

So if you want to play this unique tycoon game, I guess you better get on Twitch and start helping out.

*Mike Rose used to work for Pocket Gamer.